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KS Audio / KS Digital DMC Technology

DMC = Dynamic Membrane Control

KS Audio / KS Digital has pioneered another innovation in speaker technology: the "regulated" low frequency driver. With DMC, the speaker itself is corrected similar to Firtec, with a different mechanism: the physical control of the membrane vibration via an all-analog control system mechanism.

By virtue of their physical characteristics, all loudspeaker drivers exhibit errors when reproducing music signals. These errors include decaying oscillations, rendering the speaker incapable of translating the music accurately without "adding" its own anomalies to the signal. This can affect, amongst others, the characteristics of amplitude, phase, or frequency--which is why one tries to minimize the affects with active filtering. Adding additional filters into the signal path, however, distorts the phase characteristics of the speaker and therefore reduces the impulse fidelity of the reproduction. The end result of "traditional designs" in loudspeakers is distorted, weak performance that bears little resemblance to the original signal--and a terrible auditory experience for the listener. The solution to these aberrations comes from a completely different approach: DMC Dynamic Membrane Control.

Technically speaking, a loudspeaker driver is a special linear motor. As with every linear motor, speed, acceleration, and distance traveled can be measured. As the speed and direction of movement of the membrane changes to the rhythm of the music, its exact position is recorded by a sensor in the DMC-controlled driver. The values are fed into the analogue controller, where they are compared to the simultaneously measured values of the incoming music signal. Only any differences to the expected values are transmitted to the output stage for correction.

In this way, it can be continuously guaranteed that the membrane moves only in the exact way that is necessary to reproduce the music input signal--nothing more, and nothing less. Thus, decaying oscillations, distortions, and other errors can be ruled out.

With sound traveling at 330 meters per second and the corrective electronics working at nearly the speed of light, the errors are corrected during their formation, with zero latency. This requires the finest attention to detail in its implementation, design of sensors, and active components. This exhausting design effort is rewarded with a neutral, pure musical reproduction; and linear amplitude, phase, and frequency characteristics down to the very lowest frequencies.

Dynamic Membrane Control is another industry first from KS, the leader in pure, transparent music reproduction in modern active loudspeaker technologies. With Firtec, DMC, and NeXT, KS has achieved the first new innovations in music monitoring technology that open up a new world of listening experience...

The Sonic Truth.

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