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KS Digital Coax Technology

The KS Digital Coaxial Line (C5, C8, C55, C88) represents the pinnacle of coaxial development and implementation. These speakers work like a genuine point sound source. Without horizontal or vertical axial misalignment, an optimum pulse, frequency, and phase characteristic is achieved at the listening position.

The shape of the membrane for the bass/mid-range drivers forms a waveguide for the tweeter cone, thereby directing the sound evenly to the engineer's position. In this way, the individual room characteristics are partially neutralized, which is a great advantage in unfavorable monitoring situations. And, acting as a genuine point sound source, the engineer gains a much larger freedom of movement at the mixing console, without the typical danger of leaving the sweet spot and causing sound displacements by moving closer to the high-range or bass speakers.

The KS Coax Line challenges two-way and three-way monitoring systems of much larger design, presenting a more precisely defined, accurate sound field. Engineers are surprised to hear a nearfield as small as the C5 output such a powerful, full-range, dynamic presentation of their music--it is quite a revelation to experience true coaxial design at its finest.

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