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KS Digital C88 Coaxial Studio Monitor Front Picture
KS Digital C88 Coaxial Studio Monitor Back Picture
KS Digital C88 Coaxial Studio Monitor Side Picture

KS Digital C88 Powered Studio Monitors

Coaxial Line

KS Digital C88 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 1
KS Digital C88 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 2
KS Digital C88 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 3
KS Digital C88 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 4

Beat Magazine

… Hardly any other active studio monitors succeed in combining an analytical and musical reproduction as well as the C8 and C88. Both speakers sound captivating, with well-balanced sound characteristics, a well-defined and dynamic sub response, and open mids that contain plenty of detail. Very impressive…

… Although you can use the C8/C88 very well in a near-field situation, they can also be applied in mid-field applications or even used in larger rooms as the main studio monitors.

Keys Magazine

… Instruments can be clearly located in the panorama. At the same time, the spatial depth is shown in an exemplary manner. Room reverberation, whether created artificially or naturally, can be heard clearly, which enables you to make proper decisions when mixing.

… The sweet spot is sufficiently wide, allowing you to move within your listening position without having to deal with poor imaging.

… Kick drums and bass are reproduced accurately, and stay excellent in their tonality and dynamics. Not every studio monitor system can claim that…

… This largest model in the active coaxial series from KS Digital proves itself to be the perfect example of a studio monitor with excellent sound precision.

Music PC

… The new C88 from KS Digital proves very impressively that an affordable 3-way studio monitor can operate perfectly in a near-field application, and become the pride of a project studio.
… No other studio monitor we know of reproduces such a complete and balanced sound field.
… As soon as we sent our standard test repertoire signals, it dawned on us that we were dealing with an exceptional sound reproduction unit.
… Especially above 200 Hz, this box shows precision we have never before experienced in a near-field. Even great 2-way systems like the KRK VXT6 and VXT8 have problems in their design in the area of the crossover frequencies between the high and low driver… but not the C88. Thanks to the well-balanced coaxial design of the high-mid driver, the result is a dynamic, phase-stable, and distortion-free reproduction, with an absolutely flat frequency response.
… The real killer with the C88 and most likely all the C models is the vertical and horizontal huge sweet spot for the listening position. Instead of a sweet spot, one could name it the “Sweet Area.”
… If you look a bit closer, you will see that the C88 has hardly any competition. Adam P33A, perhaps, but it’s not coaxial. The Focal Twin 6 Be, but those are more comparable to the KS Digital C55.
… All that is left is for us to congratulate KS Digital on this marvelous studio monitor. We hope that many people in the market will realize the timeless value of this exceptional product.

Recording Magazine

… Despite its compact measurements, the C88’s frequency response stretches from 35 Hz up to 28 kHz. This is data that usually cannot be matched by any other near-field monitor. Among other reasons, this is proof that the C88 is an ideal main monitor.

… The C88 is a first class main monitor, which due to its coaxial design can be placed as a near-field or mid-field speaker.

… Bottom line, this is an absolutely brilliant monitoring system that KS Digital has launched to the market.

Sound & Recording

… The tonality is balanced and features an absolutely precise point source, which results in great pleasure when listening.

… With the Coax monitors C55 and C88, KS Digital has released two studio monitors, which are both highly interesting and professional. Top-notch components, plenty of amplifier headroom, and a great design concept for both models results in excellent measurements at any volume level. Sound-wise, the speakers are neutral and reproduce a wide frequency range. Also impressive is the spatial imaging precision.

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