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KS Digital C5 Coaxial Studio Monitor Front Picture
KS Digital C5 Coaxial Studio Monitor Back Picture
KS Digital C5 Coaxial Studio Monitor Side Picture

KS Digital C5 Powered Studio Monitors

Coaxial Line

KS Digital C5 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 1
KS Digital C5 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 2
KS Digital C5 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 3
KS Digital C5 Coaxial Studio Monitor in action 4

Beat Magazine

...The Coax C5 captivates by its very pleasant, well-balanced sound and ability to provide the listener with extended work periods without ear fatigue. It has a precise and dynamic low end that is very true in its frequency response, as well as silky, present (but not penetrating) highs. The mids are detailed as well—clear and transparent.

… The generously equipped power amplifiers can handle all near-field situations.

… The C5 is the ideal studio monitor, especially in difficult acoustic environments that force the engineer to listen at a short distance to the speaker.

Keys Magazine

...Crystal clear, transparent, and accurate reproduction, both for test signals as well as stereo/multi-track sources.

… With the C5, KS Digital has created a professional and very high quality studio monitor both for sound recording and video production. This compact speaker does not color the sound, and enables consistent, reliable judgment for all playback sources in any near-field application.

Production Partner

...The C5 by KS Digital is only tiny in dimension. It is really powerful, and precise in its sound. Without a subwoofer, it goes down to 68Hz (new design is now 58Hz!), which is plenty for many applications. This is a first choice for mobile, remote applications as well as meter bridges in recording studios.

Recording Magazine

At first sight you may be reminded of the legendary passive Auratones, which have not been made for quite some time. There was a principal attached to those rather plain-sounding monitors: “If the mix sounds great on the Auratones, it sounds great everywhere else.” Some of that philosophy also counts for the C5 monitors, although the C5’s are on a much higher level in regards to features, components, and useful applications.
… We were much more relaxed than usual listening to the C5’s in a near-field setup, over the Yamaha NS-10’s usually sitting in that same spot (which have to be positioned further away and need more volume to make critical decision).
… After several days of mixing, two remixes, and listening to several reference CD’s for the ultimate test, it is not easy for us to let these speakers go. With no doubt, these near-fields would enrich any recording studio. The clear definition and excellent reproduction quality at all levels of volume were especially convincing. In the recording studio, they enable you to work for more intense periods of time without fatigue.
… Anyone looking for a high-end 5.1 setup should listen to these in combination with the KS Digital subwoofer.

Studio Magazine

German manufacturer KS Digital developed a very special coax driver set that reduces the influence of room acoustics in an absolute near-field monitor setup at distances of 3 feet or less.

… Well, this is the way you should hear it! It became obvious to me that these speakers still allow good judgment even in a problematic room. There was fun involved in listening, and I was ensured the right balance of all instruments when playing around with a mix I was currently working on. The compact size of the C5 would not make you assume it would have such a complete and big sound. I can only say, well done!

… The C5 can be named a true problem solver on a very high level of quality.

Mix Magazine

...I can attest to the extended top end on these little boxes. You’ll hear the upper-end “air” that could be missing in a lesser system.

… As a secondary speaker system, the C5 Tiny is a winner. It gives mixing or tracking engineers another reference to use with their primary transducers. Broadcasters will like these for voiceover and radio work. Music mixers will have plenty of SPLs, and the speakers’ small size could make them highly useful in a remote truck or mobile rig. The extended top end really gives you an idea of what you may be missing up in the attic.

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