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KS Digital ADM20 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor Front Picture
KS Digital ADM20 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor Back Picture
KS Digital ADM20 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor Side Picture

KS Digital ADM20 Powered Studio Monitors

DSP Line

KS Digital ADM20 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor in action 1
KS Digital ADM20 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor in action 2
KS Digital ADM20 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor in action 3
KS Digital ADM20 Firtec DSP Studio Monitor in action 4

Professional Audio Magazine

… The sound is enormous, open, and transparent. Even in the highest frequencies and in the low sub frequencies, the ADM20 stays clean and controlled. At high volumes, the sound stays clear and precise.
… Especially when listening to a recording of double bass and guitar, the ADM20 demonstrates its superiority. The lowest frequencies remain very dynamic and direct—muddiness is completely unknown to the ADM20. The double bass/guitar duet is completely 3-dimensional—at times you think you could look around the room at them. The sound stays real and differentiated at all times. Tiny nuances of the attack of the right hand and the breathing of the bass player sound realistic and natural. When listening to big orchestral recordings, the ADM20 shows its true forte—to differentiate even the most complex signals. In a virtual half-circle, the groups of instruments appear completely separated from each other, giving you full comprehension of the positioning of the stereo panorama as well as the room layout.
… In the toughest tests, with extreme impulse signals like the breaking of glass or heavily beaten Chinese drums, we cannot trace any weakness.
… In comparison with the ADAM S3A, it becomes clear that KS Digital is ahead in regards to impulse response and honest reproduction. The entire sound is a notch rounder and even more balanced than the S3A (which are a great product in their own right). At higher volumes, the sub frequency response of the KS Digital is more differentiated—here we get the impression that the S3A loses a bit, while the ADM20 keeps everything under control.

Mix Magazine

… KS had the brilliant idea that they could use high-powered DSP to program a unique inverse transfer function equalization curve for each of the ADM Series monitors, thereby neutralizing any inherent coloration effects.

… What I heard blew me away like a hurricane. The ADM 2 (now ADM20) represents a paradigm shift for studio reference monitors.

… In fact, I'd never before heard two-way monitors achieve such accurate spectral balance and extended response. Particularly impressive was the reproduction of low bass frequencies. You won't need a subwoofer with these babies. When the subterranean bass on Paula Cole's "Tiger" (from her This Fire album) kicked in during my listening tests, I literally whipped around to turn off my subwoofer--it was already off! The ADM 2s reproduced low bass so effectively that the bottom of my seat vibrated, with only 85dB SPL at the mix position. The rest of the spectrum, all the way up to airy highs, was so proportionally balanced and coherently reproduced that I just sat there, slackjawed, listening in awe. I couldn't hear any smearing of transients, as is common with other speakers.

… They are articulate yet sweet, clear yet warm, detailed yet non-fatiguing. Bottom line: The ADM 2s sound absolutely amazing.

Audio Media

… By comparing incoming audio to the speaker system’s response curve, FIRTEC regulates the unwanted cone oscillations or movements no matter how loud or quiet the sound is in the mix, so that any sound can be heard with clarity and space. This process basically is "unmasking” sounds that would normal be hidden behind irregular cone movements, allowing each sound to be defined in volume, depth and image position.

… In almost every case, the ADM2’s (now ADM20) delivery of the sound was nothing short of quite astonishing. The bass response is very controlled, which almost results in an almost "live” performance type effect.

… Certain exceptional recordings such as Metallica’s "Load” and the "Traffic” soundtrack were given new life and new dimension. Subtleties in these recordings not noticeable on other monitor systems were exposed. The result of that was a totally unique listening experience.

… More interesting, however, was the lack of listener fatigue involved... I recorded, mixed and listened at different volume levels for many hours at a time without this problem.

… There is no question, the ADM2’s are exceptional speakers. Their sonic reproduction was in most cases, quite excellent.

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