November 2011 Open House Demo Days at KS Audio USA

The sun was out, the sky looked beautiful, and KS Audio hosted another successful open house several times in November 2011.  Here are pictures from our most recent event, showing all the live PA products showcased in a giant “wall of sound.”  The studio monitors were demoed inside, but most of the action at this event took place outdoors, as our KS Audio live PA loudspeakers put on quite a performance.  Join us for the next event and hear KS at its finest!

KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers website section live

We just wanted to drop a note to say that the newly revised KS Audio section of the website is now live. Here, you can find information on every live PA product KS offers, including technical specifications, full descriptions, pictures, and downloads.

Our PA speaker sound systems are used the world over, from portable systems to massive arena line array setups. So, we have a huge range of products to handle any PA situation of any size.

You can also find information on our newly released AutoCurve automated line array, as well as our most popular portable “complete set,” the SAT 3 (featuring our HDSP technology, as well as Firtec DSP).

Let us know what you think of the site revisions, and as always, don’t hesitate to email or call us with any questions on our products. We’d love to hear from you!

Automated and Motorized Line Array–KS Audio AutoCurve

Infocomm was a success–thanks to everyone who visited the KS booth. Our open house after Infocomm was also wonderful–thanks to everyone who came to see the latest KS technology!

KS Audio's booth at the 2011 Infocomm Show in Orlando, Florida

KS Audio InfoComm 2011

We’re getting tons of questions about our revolutionary new KS Audio AutoCurve automated and motorized line array system. So, we shot an informational video with more details on how it all works.

For the first time in the history of live sound, you can hang your system straight and not pull anything down to rearrange the angles… just do the initial setup, and you can control the angles and modify the sound completely from a remote wireless laptop computer. The angle of each speaker in the hang can be adjusted down to 0.1 degree increments, with each change resulting in the built-in Firtec DSP automatically adjusting the EQ/phase settings to present the best possible sound for the concert venue (which of course can be adjusted in full detail). All of this happens in real time, at any time–before the concert, or even during the show! Every setting can be saved, of course… so if you return to the venue you can simply hang the speakers and load up your “ultimate sound” with the press of a button. If the number of people in the audience has changed, or the venue’s acoustics have been modified in some way, you can adjust in real time to accommodate… and save the revisions so your “venue presets” always stay current with each location you visit.

This revolutionizes live sound beyond anything ever available before, and it allows for complex changes even during a concert! For further information, please contact KS Audio International Sales at +1 727 447 9656.  And now, our video:


KS Open House Demo Day after InfoComm Orlando show!

KS will be exhibiting at the 2011 InfoComm show in Orlando, Florida… come see us at Booth 693 from June 15-17th.  We’ll have plenty of details on the new AutoCurve automated line array PA loudspeaker system, including a full demo.

The day after InfoComm ends, we’ll be hosting our biggest open house ever in our Tampa, Florida location.  We’re 15 minutes from the Tampa airport, and 1.5 hours by car from Orlando.

Saturday, June 18th, 10AM through 3PM… KS Audio USA Corp.  1062 Cephas Drive, Clearwater FL 33765.  Please confirm your attendance by contacting us at 727-447-9656 or via the email link on this page / the main site.

On display:

  • 10 FOH PA systems
  • 8 floor monitors / monitors / nearfills
  • 4 frontfills / nearfills
  • 8 sets of studio reference monitors
KS Audio Autocurve shown in motion

KS Audio Autocurve shown in motion


KS Audio Full Line of Live / PA / Loudspeakers

KS Audio Full Live PA Loudspeaker Line


KS Audio SAT3--the most compact digital live PA loudspeaker / subwoofer system

KS Audio SAT 3 Self-Powered Compact Digital Controlled Live PA Loudspeaker System


Video and pictures from Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011

Just in, some new pictures and video from the floor at Musikmesse!


KS Audio AUTOCURVE automatically adjusts the angle of the speaker array by the touch of a button.  Each cabinet pair is adjustable in 0.1 degree increments, all from a mobile laptop.  The built-in DSP automatically adjusts the equalization for the desired curve.  This revolutionary system provides more control than anything available before from any company… and it can even be adjusted DURING the concert (again at the touch of a button)!  We’ll have more information and videos on this incredible system soon–check back on this blog.


On the KS Digital recording studio side, we released the ADM22 nearfield monitor:

KS Digital ADM22 Studio Monitor released at the 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse


The KS Digital booth featuring several studio models:

KS Digital studio monitor booth at 2011 Frankfurt Musikmesse

More details on the ADM22 will be posted soon!  Thanks to everyone who visited us at the show.