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T4 Unpowered Loudspeakers

Top Boxes

KS Audio Live/PA T4 unpowered loudspeakers top boxes

T4 Unpowered Top Boxes

The T4 is the first choice when it comes to German Opera and Play Houses.

The T4 is a compact 2-way system with the highest level of performance and audio quality at any sound pressure level. It’s loading capacity extends down to the lowest frequencies and the FIR steering of the 2” driver is unmatched in the industry in regards to the lowest distortion and absolute phase linearity.

With the 12” long excursion woofer that can handle 700W, and a 2” driver that can handle 140W, the T4 gives you incredible performance--with a peak overall power handling of 2,000W. The sound dispersion in the mid / hi horn is completely even across the audio spectrum and the HF wave front continues through the cut-off frequency as well as the crossover frequency, without any variance in the frequency response.

Both the 12” long excursion woofer and the 2” compression driver have strong--but light--neodymium magnets. The 4” membrane of the compression driver consists of a special aluminum alloy that has a clearly reduced distortion factor in comparison to a titanium membrane. These drivers spoil the listener with absolutely smooth and even dispersion characteristics.

The T4 solidifies KS Audio's reputation as one of the finest live speaker sound system designer / manufacturers in the world. The T4 can be further enhanced by adding a KS subwoofer (we recommend the T4 W).

The speaker cabinet construction, like all KS Audio systems, is built from birch plywood with an extremely robust charcoal colored polyurethane coating.

Two different horizontal dispersion patterns (60x40 or 90x40) are available. Another special feature is the two Aeroquip fittings on the speaker, allowing the installation of different fly-ware and connectors, which are safely interlocked. There is a pole mount in the bottom of the cabinet and a protective steel grill on the front (with or without acoustic foam), and handles on the top and sides are further features of this high-quality product.

Please note, all specifications are only achieved using KS Audio amplifiers and controllers.

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