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CPD 15 Powered Loudspeakers

Top Boxes

KS Audio Live/PA CPD15 powered loudspeakers top boxes
KS Audio Live/PA CPD15 powered loudspeakers top boxes back picture

CPD 15 Powered Top Boxes

KS Audio presents the CPD 15, the finest design of Audio Over Ethernet -- direct from your console or PC and into the powered live / PA loudspeaker!

For years, audio engineers have looked for a better solution of how to send real-time audio over a network. In a large fixed-installation system it is normal to use an audio network. However, correct setup of the system takes experience, and in the normally very short installation times of touring, a mistake-free setup is nearly impossible. This is especially true in theaters, opera houses, and live sound stages, where constant modification and adjustment, grounding issues, lighting dimmers, and questionable cables make a standard setup impossible. However, it does not need to be so complicated!

You can install a network with quality off-the-shelf components. Your active loudspeakers will be given a channel number, and you assign your PC or digital mixer to transmit the output signals on these channels. You can setup your loudspeaker anywhere in your network and always have it immediately on the same output. No need for searching, new patches, or diagrams for the next build-up, and no disturbances in the network audio signal. Installation of audio over a data network cannot be easier, as the KS Audio system is truly plug and play... with 16 audio channels on one cable, it saves setup time and significantly reduces system costs as ethernet cables and connectors are much less expensive than standard analog multi-core cables and connectors.

If you want to continue to work with your current console and it has no direct network access, KS Audio offers a 19” single rack space module that converts any ADAT signal into a compatible network audio signal. Furthermore, every cabinet can be assigned an adjustable IP address, and over the same network all functions of the system can be monitored and controlled with the KS Audio PC Remote 3 software.

Every component in the system also has the latest technology: neodymium magnets, a wide-range switch mode power supply with PFC, PWM, and FET amplifiers, as well as digital signal processing with FIR filters. There are endless possibilities for using the CPD 15… theaters, live stage music, large rooms or tents, delay systems, and so much more. Creating a broader system is simple when using the CPD 15 in combination with the CPD W15, the CPD SUB or CPD WL powered subwoofers.

The CPD 15 is equipped with a 700 W RMS 12” ND low-middle frequency long excursion driver, a 2” neodymium driver with a 4” membrane made of a special light-metal alloy, and a CD-Horn with exceedingly precise directivity. The electronically balanced analog and AES/EBU inputs are in the form of XLR connectors, with an active output.

The unit is operated through a menu, using a digital rotary knob, and an LCD graphic display. All adjusted levels, filters, and delay settings are permanently saved. The rear mounted, separately housed, 2-way PWM + MOSFET controller amplifier operates without the need of a cooling fan, thereby avoiding the typical fan noise found in most self-powered systems.

The speaker box construction is, like all KS Audio systems, built from birch plywood with a polyurethane coating. At your request the finish available can be changed to any desired color from the RAL color charts. and premium solid wood sides are also available. Further features include incorporated hand-holds, a pole mount, M10 threaded rigging points, AeroQuip rails that double as carrying handles, as well as a protective steel grill (with or without acoustic foam).

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