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CPD 12 Powered | C 12 Unpowered Loudspeakers

Top Boxes

KS Audio Live/PA CPD12 powered and C12 unpowered loudspeakers top boxes
KS Audio Live/PA CPD12 powered loudspeakers top boxes open picture
KS Audio Live/PA C12 unpowered loudspeakers top boxes back picture
KS Audio Live/PA CPD12 powered loudspeakers top boxes amp picture

CPD 12 Powered | C 12 Unpowered Top Boxes

The KS Audio CPD 12 adds to the impressive CPD series of DSP controlled, self-powered live / PA loudspeaker systems with the unique HDSP directivity technology. As with other CPD loudspeakers, this results in the highest possible sound pressure level with extreme accuracy in playback, while simultaneously being as lightweight as possible. The DSP controller works with KS Audio FIR filter technology for true impulse-correct reproduction of your audio. There are two integrated amplifiers -- 800W RMS for the 12” woofer and 200W RMS for the 1.4” tweeter -- with a peak performance of 2,000W!

The sound dispersion design of the HDSP mid / high frequency horn and its electronic blending with the bass / midrange driver is unique. The HDSP design results in multiple integrated dispersion angles that widen downwards towards the near field of the speaker while maintaining tight pattern control and long throw capability. The vertical bending of the HF wave front continues through the cut-off frequency as well as the crossover frequency, without any variance in the frequency response. As with all CPD loudspeakers, the entire audience hears an impressive soundstage that is described as "the recording studio in a live setting" because it's so detailed from any position.

The electronics are comprised of a switch mode power supply with Power-Factor-Correction, a “cold” PWM amplifier for bass / midrange performance, and an analog FET amplifier with the best audio characteristics for the mid-high compression driver. Both the 12” long throw woofer and the 1.4 compression driver have strong--but light--neodymium magnets. The 3” membrane of the compression driver consists of a special aluminum alloy that has a clearly reduced distortion factor in comparison to a titanium membrane.

Professional live sound engineers have demanding needs, and the CPD 12 serves them well. It is perfect for live stage music, theaters, large rooms / tents, delay systems for far away areas, or as the mid / high frequency top box in combination with a KS subwoofer such as the CPD W1, CPD W2, or CPD WL.

The speaker cabinet construction is built from birch plywood with an extremely robust charcoal colored polyurethane coating. At your request the finish available can be changed to any desired color from the RAL color charts. Another special feature is the two multipurpose fittings on the back of the speaker, allowing the installation of different fly-ware and connectors, which are safely interlocked by means of quick release push-pins. There is a pole mount in the bottom of the cabinet and a protective steel grill on the front, with or without acoustic foam.

The rear mounted 2-way FIR CONTROL DSP amplifier operates very efficiently without the need of a cooling fan. The FIR crossover and filter are specially matched to the drivers, with corresponding compressors and limiters to ensure safe operation. The electronically balanced input is in the form of XLR connectors. The control panel also has a digital volume control to individually adjust for each venue, and a digital delay reaching up to 40 m for decentralized PA systems. There is a Lo Cut switch for speech reproduction or for adding a subwoofer to the system. Operation and set-up with a PC using the KS Audio Remote 3 Software is also possible over an ethernet connection.

The CPD 12 operates on all AC 110-240V electrical supply. The starting current is electronically limited. There are two PowerCON F+M connectors which allow you to link additional KS Audio lines of CPD products, such as a CPD subwoofer.

C 12: Same as CPD 12 but unpowered.

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