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CPD Sub Powered | C Sub Unpowered Subs


KS Audio Live/PA CPD Sub powered and C Sub unpowered loudspeakers subwoofers
KS Audio Live/PA CPD Sub powered and C Sub unpowered loudspeakers subwoofers back
KS Audio Live/PA CPD Sub powered and C Sub unpowered loudspeakers subwoofers amp

CPD Sub Powered | C Sub Unpowered Subs

The C Sub and CPD Sub produces the frequencies that your ears expect in large spaces: not only at 80Hz with a 4m wavelength, but also one octave deeper while retaining constant and efficient upper low frequencies.

As with all KS Audio loudspeakers, the C Sub and CPD Sub does not compromise its audiophile-quality output at all, despite its massive power. This is achieved by the use of four highly resilient 10” long-throw low frequency drivers, each with a 30mm voice coil. The relatively small moving mass of the coated membranes in connection with push-pull technology produces a precise in and out transient response.

The drivers are paired in two separate, specially engineered enclosures with exact acoustically tuned properties. This minimizes any possible distortion. The speaker cabinet itself has very little vibration due to its strategically reinforced plywood construction. Like our other stereo / mono subs, the CPD Sub creates a summed, loss-free, highly efficient mono signal out of the bass frequencies of the left and right channels.

The speaker cabinet construction is, like all KS Audio systems, built from birch plywood with an extremely robust charcoal-colored polyurethane coating. At your request, the finish can be changed to any desired color from the RAL color charts. Handholds, an M20 pole mount, and protective grill (with or without acoustic foam) are further features of this high quality product.

The rear mounted FIR CONTROL DSP / PWM amplifier of the CPD Sub operates very efficiently without the need of a cooling fan. The FIR crossover and filter are specially matched to the drivers, with corresponding compressors and limiters to ensure safe operation. The electronically balanced input is in the form of XLR connectors. In addition to the power switch, the control panel also has a selectable digital volume / delay control to individually adjust for each venue and offers a digital delay reaching up to 40m (120 ft) for decentralized PA systems.

As a mono signal system, the volume control allows for adjustment with a range of +/- 9dB. Another special feature is the DSP Controller with its integrated delay, which allows on-site adjustment, or the creation of a focused directivity bass array without any additional equipment.

The limiter prevents overloading, provides for frequency response correction, and has a subsonic filter. The integrated PMW amplifier and DSP controller can be remotely controlled with an ethernet connection and KS Audio Remote 3 software.

C Sub: Same as CPD Sub but unpowered.

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