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TA 2D Power Amp

Power Amplifiers

KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers TA 2D Power Amplifier
KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers TA 2D Power Amplifier back

TA 2D Power Amplifier

• Full range & bi-amp mode (referenced / rms power @ 4 Ohms)

  • Channel 1: 2,000W
  • Channel 2: 2,000W

• Dual bridge mode referenced / rms power @ 8 Ohms
  • Channel 1 + 2: 4,000W

• Bridged channels can be run at 4 Ohms total power of all channels driven: 4,000W

• Amplifier type: MOSFET triple supply voltage
• Frequency range (not controlled): 5Hz - 50,000Hz
• Signal to noise ratio, A weighted: More than 115dB
• THD at full rated power: Less than 0.05%
• Damping factor (1 kHz and below): More than 1,000
• Amplifier protection: Short circuit, open circuit, thermal, ultrasonic and RF, ELF
• Signal input: 2 x 1.58V balanced XLR3 female
• Signal output: 2 x balanced XLR3 male
• Power output: 2 x Speakon NL4
• Controls back: On / Off
• Indicator back: 2 channel controller mode
• Controls front: Push-rotary knob for integrated DSP controller
• Indicator front: Display, chipcard memory, status LED
• Controller slot: Integrated KS Audio FIRTEC DSP
• Mains: 100-250Vac / 10-20A self-regulating power supply
• Power inlet: PowerCON
• Size (width, height, depth): 19” x 2RU x 350mm (13.73”)
• Weight: 12 kg / 26.4 lbs

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