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AutoCurve Automated Line Array System

Line Arrays

KS Audio Live/PA CPD Line AutoCurve automated line arrays

CPD Line AutoCurve Automated Line Array System

AutoCurve is an intelligent remote-controlled line array re-angling and automatic compensation re-equalization innovation from KS Audio.

The CPD Line AutoCurve is a compact line array enclosure system, with built-in hang-angle re-adjustment motors and an automatic FIR processing / equalization compensation program to maintain constant image dispersion array curves irrespective of changes to the listening environment.

AutoCurve is the absolute latest innovation in KS Audio digital control system products, and it is the only one of its kind! It was introduced at the Frankfurt Musikmesse 2011 to rave reviews…

The AutoCurve system is comprised of the following components:

-CPD top enclosure units, each fitted with two 8-inch mid-frequency drivers and a 1-inch high-frequency compression driver (center mounted behind a NEXT wave guide excursion). Installed in each is the now-famous FIRTEC DSP to regulate the FIR processing for linear phase and frequency response.

-Rear-mounted, self-powered 1000 Watt amplification driven by the latest KS MOSFET PWM (Class D) FET amplification technology, whereby an audiophile-like high-frequency performance is attained at the NEXT cylindrical wave guide.

How does it work? The CPD AutoCurve Line Array is set up at the event quickly (no array curves or pre-processing are necessary--just hang the system straight out of the flight cases with no worries, as all physical adjustments can be controlled remotely after hanging the system). The enclosures accept both analog and digital input signals and automatically select the signal present in either input type. Input signals of up to 24 dBv are possible. Irrespective of the input signal selection, a digital AES/EBU throughput is derived to supply signal to further enclosures in the hang. Ethernet connections are also fitted in each enclosure to facilitate full network communications with the Remote program (each enclosure is given its own IP address so the entire system is controlled and regulated down to the most intricate level of detail).

From the FOH position--or any position in the venue, wirelessly--the Remote PC program is used for direct control of the physical array dispersion angles between each enclosure, utilizing electric motors secured inside each box, with an accuracy of 1/10th of a degree. Using FIRTEC advanced DSP, each slight change in angle of any box results in the automatic adjustment of FIR processing and phase / equalization curve characteristics to match the environment--thus, in direct coordination with the change of degrees in the angles, the expected dispersion array curves are maintained for the changes in the auditorium, stadium, or stage. This is the first system of its kind--each enclosure can be remotely adjusted in angle from the FOH (or any position), with each adjustment resulting in independent enclosure and whole-array automatic FIR DSP changes for the optimum frequency / phase / alignment for that given curve! All this happens in real time, live, through the ethernet system--which carries data for electro-mechanical adjustments and automatic re-equalization curving parameters directly for the entire system, or individual enclosures.

Finally, the AutoCurve system enables the sound engineer at the FOH location (or anywhere) to reposition the vertical hang, box above box, into other curve configurations, while simultaneously and automatically a re-equalization and compensation is carried out in real time. And this can happen any time--BEFORE, or EVEN DURING PERFORMANCES. Simultaneous image equalization and dispersion characteristics are maintained with perfection throughout the concert.

Additionally, the Remote PC program gives the engineer access to all FIRTEC DSP programmable functions, such as digital equalization, high and low pass filters, limiters, and the all-important time alignment parameters. This provides the same functionality as all other Remote programs for FIRTEC DSP-enabled products, so as to maintain dispersion imaging standards and ease of operations from one enclosure model to another out in the field, including mixed-enclosure system setups. When further adjustments are needed, the sound engineer can access all internal parameters and functions along with a visual display of the array polar patterns to finalize the imaging perfectly.

A second program also allows the engineer to input the dimensions of the venue, including balconies, and it then calculates the perfect angles for the given sizes. The engineer hits the go button, and the array adjusts the physical alignment as well as the FIR settings. The engineer can then adjust the intricate details of the system via the Remote PC program. This enables a system to be setup, physically adjusted and "tuned" for the venue, and tested and further adjusted by the engineer literally in a fraction of the time it normally takes--with changes in the entire system, even during the event, taking place at the touch of a button!

KS Audio presents the CPD Digital AutoCurve Line Array with FIRTEC DSP… an exclusive innovation that changes live sound forever!

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