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CPA 04 Powered | C 04 Unpowered Compact Loudspeakers

Front Fills | Side Fills | Under Balcony | Monitor | Media

KS Audio Live/PA CPA04 powered and C04 unpowered loudspeakers front fills
KS Audio Live/PA CPA04 powered loudspeakers front fills back picture
KS Audio Live/PA C04 unpowered loudspeakers front fills back picture

CPA 04 Powered | C 04 Unpowered Front Fills

The C 04 and CPA 04 are the ideal compact live / PA loudspeaker solution. They are designed for many different applications, such as source and surround speakers in theatrical applications, in multimedia rooms, for conference rooms and at trade shows, for small solo acts, and as under-balcony and / or delay speakers, front fills, etc.

The C 04 / CPA 04 also serve as a compact mid / hi cabinet with the subwoofer CW 210 / CPD B or other KS Audio subwoofers. Another use would be a high quality multi-zone background music / announcer.

The C 04 and CPA 04 are universal tools for demanding pro audio applications, with the highest level of sound quality reproduction available in such a compact size. The drivers consist of a 4.5“ low / mid driver with an torsionally stiff carbon fiber cone and a coaxial pole core diaphragm with neodymium magnets. KS Audio adapted this concept from its own studio monitor development--the coaxial principle of low and high drivers--as it proved to be extremely efficient in studio recording as an ideal point source.

Two built in class D amplifiers supply 150 watts peak in total to both the 4.5” woofer and the 1“ dome tweeter.

The electronic crossover and built in filters are precisely designed for the drivers and result in a much higher audio level compared to an unpowered version. In the case of high input levels, a built-in compressor protects all components from damage and increases the subjective volume level, yielding the impression of louder volumes.

The box construction is very robust and extremely compact and is made out of steel and solid lightweight metal parts. The box is covered with a textured polyurethane coating. The construction features a recessed 3/8“ microphone stand mount on the bottom, a metal grill to cover the front and 2 M6 mounting points to fly the speaker or to attach the optional steel mounting bracket.

The 2-way controller / amp is built on the back side and does not need any additional cooling. The electronically balanced input / output connectors are XLR. Apart from the on / off switch, there is an LED showing the ready status and a volume control knob. CPA 04 and C 04: the ultimate compact PA loudspeakers!

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