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T4 M Unpowered Floor Monitor

Floor Monitors

KS Audio Live/PA T4M unpowered floor monitor

T4 M Unpowered Floor Monitor

The T4 M is the flagship floor monitor from KS Audio.

It is a compact 2-way bi-amped speaker sound system with the highest level of performance, sound pressure level, and audio quality--ultra powerful even in the lowest frequencies.

The T4 M is unmatched in the industry in regards to the lowest distortion and absolute phase linearity in the smallest size possible. With a 12” woofer that can handle 500W and a 2” tweeter that can handle 120W, the T4 M gives you an incredibly transparent output with impressive overall peak handling.

The sound dispersion in the mid / hi horn is completely even across the audio spectrum and the HF wave front continues through the cut-off frequency as well as the crossover frequency, without any variance in the frequency response.

Both the 12” woofer with a 4” voice coil and the 2” compression driver with a 4” membrane have strong but light neodymium magnets, and they create a soundstage with even and smooth dispersion characteristics. The 4” membrane of the compression driver consists of a special aluminum alloy that has a clearly reduced distortion factor in comparison to a titanium membrane.

The T4 M dispersion properties are optimized for use as a floor monitor. Both horizontal and vertical dispersion angles are 60 degrees. The 45 degree angling of the speaker cabinet results in an even dispersion at ear level, especially in the near field of the monitors. The artist has a large sweet spot to use without risking feedback or loss of definition--which gives them greater freedom to move, while still enabling the sound engineer to keep control at any point.

The speaker cabinet construction, like all KS Audio products, is built from birch plywood with an extremely robust charcoal colored polyurethane coating.

There is a pole mount in the bottom of the cabinet and a protective steel grill on the front, with or without acoustic foam, and it includes handles on the top and sides.

Please note, all specifications are only achieved using KS Audio amplifiers and controllers.

The T4 M can be used as FOH PA top box and as such can be combined with several of the KS Audio subwoofers (since it has a pole mount insert).

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