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CM 210 Unpowered Floor Monitor

Floor Monitors

KS Audio Live/PA CM210 unpowered floor monitor

CM 210 Unpowered Floor Monitor

The CM series represents the KS Audio line of well-proven live / PA floor monitors. The design is compact, slick, and universally applicable in situations where the best audio reproduction is desired.

The CM 210 is our most compact floor monitor, and it is an essential product for rental companies and live events.

The CM 112 is the perfect choice if you want the best sound on a budget price. Switchable between full-range and bi-amped.

The CM 215 is the most absolutely power-packed full-range or bi-amped unit in the line up.

All CM floor monitors are designed to operate as a main live / PA speaker as well. As a floor monitor, the wider dispersion is vertical and as a main enclosure, the wider dispersion is horizontal. The 45 degree angling of the speaker enclosure results in an even dispersion at ear level. The artist has a large sweet spot to use without risking feedback or loss of definition.

The speaker cabinet construction, like all KS Audio systems, is built from birch plywood with an extremely robust charcoal colored polyurethane coating. At your request the finish available can be changed to any desired color from the RAL color charts. There is a pole mount in the bottom of the cabinet and a protective steel grill on the front, with or without acoustic foam. Also, all of these monitors have four M6 threaded rigging points on them for permanent installations, recessed speaker inputs (one on each side), and a handle on each side to allow for one or two hand operation.

Since the CM Series floor monitors can be used as FOH PA top boxes, they can be combined with several of the KS Audio subwoofers (since there is a pole mount insert on each product).

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