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FIRMOD2 Controller

Digital DSP Controller Systems

KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers FIRMOD2 Digital DSP Controller System
KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers FIRMOD2 Digital DSP Controller System close picture
KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers FIRMOD2 Digital DSP Controller System back picture

FIRMOD2 Digital DSP Controller System

The FIRMOD2 is the latest digital controller from KS Audio that guarantees the perfect sound and the simplest handling, all at the same time. It is designed to work with 4 channel KS Audio amplifiers such as the CA 4D and the TA 4D. The special FIR filtering technology KS Audio has developed over the years allows you to equalize and effect the signal in real time for true linear frequency response and phase curves.

The FIRMOD2 DSP fits in the same front loading slot as the analog card. So by upgrading the analog cards, the entire audio system will be upgraded in quality and features. By downloading a particular program from a memory card, the input signals as well as the output signals are automatically configured. Any configuration--like a 4 in / 4 out, 3-way, bridged mode, additional crossed-over output and bi amped version--is recallable.

The FIRMOD2 DSP utilizes KS Audio's decades of experience in digital DSP technology to provide the highest quality, phase-linear signal for speech and music directly before the amp. For more complex situations, the KS Audio Remote program is available that allows all parameters and control functions to be operated from your PC.

Operating live sound systems in different venues can be difficult at times, so the control of functions and features should not be solely dependent on a PC. Therefore, KS Audio has chosen memory cards for safe and easy programming, storage, and recall in the field. In addition, there is a default program that the user cannot erase, which is available even in the event of mishandling.

The FIRMOD2 DSP memorizes 2 different programs as well as the default program (user defined) at the same time, between which the user can select. Very little additional programming is needed. To stop unauthorized operation, the FIRMOD2 DSP can be locked with a special key card. A one time insert of the key card locks the system. With every new startup of the amplifier, the program is still locked and will not change.

The operation of the digital card has been simplified to a one rotary knob operation that allows you to turn both ways and push to select the parameter to adjust. Every modification is shown immediately on the display. Additionally, 4 LED’s show the limiting clearly from a distance. All changeable parameters depend on the program and are designed and implemented for each speaker.

Firtec is a proprietary DSP program providing time alignment, limiter, FIR filters, crossover, compressor, and phase-linear equalization correction to the source signal. The recorded performance of each individually finished enclosure is stored in the Firtec DSP proprietary program onboard the FIRMOD2 module. Other Firtec programs of KS Audio enclosures can be loaded into the DSP from the memory cards to match the selected enclosure that is outputted to the KS Audio amplifiers CA 4D and TA 4D in which the FIRMOD2 is installed.

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