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D MOD Controller

Digital DSP Controller Systems

KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers D MOD Digital DSP Controller System
KS Audio Live/PA Loudspeakers D MOD Digital DSP Controller System close picture

D MOD Digital DSP Controller System

The D MOD is a loudspeaker controller module with digital signal processing for the KS Audio amplifier series CA 4D and TA 4D. The D MOD is a singular solution for perfect sound with the simplest of operation.

The programming of your loudspeaker system is pre-installed at the factory. The signal inputs and the performance outputs are automatically configured to be correct for the system configuration that is ordered and will automatically switch between analog and digital inputs. The system adjustment controls are limited, but substantial: depending upon the operating mode, the level and corner frequencies or individual filters are adjustable. LEDs indicate the various operating conditions.

The KS Audio D MOD controller module replaces the analog A MOD controller after 15 years of faithful service. The appearance of each module is similar and they all insert into the front slot of the CA 4D, TA 4D, and other future models of 4-channel performance amplifiers. The special feature of the D MOD is the digital signal processing with FIR filters. This equalizes and effects the audio signal in real time for linear frequency response and phase curves. Subsequently, the digital D MOD upgrades your sound system with a substantial quality increase.

Any combination of the 4 channels is possible with the D MOD: 4 full range channels, 2-channel (stereo) bi-amp, high-speed bridge operation, and up to a single-channel 3-way active loudspeaker system with a bridged bass final stage, including an additional active frequency output and "bi-amp" alternatively for each operating mode.

The D MOD is the ideal solution for consistent performance. By utilizing a standard configuration and software-controlled programs, the highest audio quality possible is achieved. This configuration of hardware and software, which is fixed to a particular program only, enables the price to remain clearly lower than that of the freely configurable FIRMOD2 controller card.

Up to 4 inputs are simultaneously processed both in the analog or the digital domain. As soon as an AES/EBU signal is detected, the processing mode is automatically switched to digital input mode. The main fields of application are public-address systems for speech, and live / PA loudspeaker reproduction of music at the highest quality--all digital up to the final output stage. This explanation indicates the basic operating modes of the D MOD. The adjustable parameters depend on the recalled program for the respective loudspeaker system.

The D MOD controller covers time alignment, limiter, FIR filters, crossover, compressor and equalization per KS Audio speaker type.

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